3 Great Ways to Frame a Nature Scene

If you took a great picture of a nature scene that you want to frame and put up in your house, one of the biggest challenges you face is how to frame the photography. You want to frame your nature scene in a way that draws attention to the photo that you took. You also want the wall frame to fit with the overall feel of your home. Here are some suggestions for sprucing up a photo of a nature scene.

#1 Textured Mat with a White Boarder

If you want to highly a specific feature in your picture, a great way to do so is by putting a textured mat behind the photo in a neutral color tone that picks up on the other colors in the picture. Shades of greys and browns are often good mat choice colors for

Then, paint the picture and the mat with a simple thin white frame. A simple white frame will ensure that the mat around the picture and the picture itself is where your eyes focus.

#2 Tinted Metal

Another approach is to use a tinted metal frame. It doesn't have to be a silver frame; you could use a metal frame that is tinted blue or pink. These frames tend to be a little shiny and can give your photo a modern feel. You don't need a mat with a tinted metal frame if you print out your photo so it has a natural thin white boarder around it. Try to choose color tones that contrast with the colors in your photo to draw attention to your photo.

#3 Wood Frame

Your third option is a wood frame. With a nature photograph, a metal frame can highlight the nature aspect of the photograph. There are lots of different ways to use wood frames though. You could use a wood frame and frame the picture right up to the edge, so the wood feels like a part of the picture, with no boarder at all.

Or you could use a rustic raw wood frame that has an even more natural feel. You could add in the natural white boarder that can frame photos, or use a mat between the photo and the wood frame.

There are also lots of color of wood frames. For a lightly colored nature picture, some whitewashed wood may be a good fit. For a darker tones nature picture, a darker wood may be a good fit.

When choosing a frame for your nature photograph, choose a frame that fits with the overall feel of your home and that helps the picture you took pop.