Four Unique Ways To Display Towels And Toiletries In A Guest Bathroom

When you are expecting company, you probably want to make sure that your guest bathroom is ready for your visitors. There are many different ways you can display bath towels and toiletries in your guest room to create a luxury hotel feel in the room. Here are just some of the many options you might want to consider as you prepare for the arrival of your guests:

Individual Towel Bundles

Consider creating an artfully folded towel bundle for each guest visiting your home. Roll up a large bath towel for use at the center of the bundle, and fold two washcloths in half on an angle so they look like triangles. Place the washcloths on top of the bath towel, and then tie a hand towel around the entire bundle to keep it secure. Choose coordinating towel colors to add visual interest to this design. You can also fold the hand towel into the bundle and use a colorful ribbon to secure each bundle. Stack the towel sets on the counter or on a shelf in the bathroom for easy access.

Hanging Wicker Baskets

You can hang beautiful wicker baskets from the bathroom wall to hold toiletries and towels for your guests. Use removable adhesive hooks on the wall, and choose baskets with hooks or handles on the back. Hang the baskets from the hooks and fill each basket with a different essential item for your guests. Larger baskets should be used for bath towels, which can be rolled up and placed inside, while smaller baskets should be used for sample-sized bottles of soap, shampoo, and conditioner. Consider using a hand towel at the bottom of the toiletry baskets to fill in some of the empty space and make the bottles easily visible.

Decorative Etageres

Etageres are displayed shelving systems that can fit neatly in the corner of your guest bathroom. They are typically tall with multiple shelves, providing lots of storage space for your guests' essential items. Fill each shelf with items your guests might need, from neatly folded bath towels to baskets or trays filled with toothpaste, toothbrushes, and soap. Dedicate each shelf to a different type of item, and add a few decorative touches to complete the display. You might want to add a few scented candles that can be lit during bath time.

Look for a separate set of guest towels you can reserve for when visitors come to stay at your home and shop for a few decorative items to add a beautiful finishing touch to your guest bathroom. With the right accessories and bath essentials, your guests can feel like they've gone on vacation to a luxury resort.

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