3 Must-Haves For Creating A Farmhouse Kitchen

Remodeling the kitchen can offer you a 79.3 percent return on your investment, so updating this room is a smart financial decision. Of course, updating the kitchen is not only beneficial to your home's value, since using classic and attractive options during construction and decorating makes your space more appealing and comfortable. Fortunately, using elements in your remodel that are inspired by old farmhouses ensures your remodel is successful. Using these must-haves, you can create an attractive and rustic farmhouse-inspired kitchen.

Light and Airy Cabinets

From storing your pots and pans to displaying collectibles, your cabinets are an imperative part of your kitchen's design. A classic farmhouse kitchen should have white or cream colored cabinets that will create the casual feel of the space. In addition, these lighter cabinets will easily complement flooring and decorative accessories.

Open shelves and glass front doors are smart additions that will allow you to store cookbooks, display pottery, and arrange everyday dishes.

Wood Counters and Accessories

Your farmhouse kitchen should incorporate wood all through the space. To get started, consider handscraped hardwood flooring. Scraped and then stained by hand, these floors add the rustic feel that makes a farmhouse design so appealing.

A wood butcher's block is not only an attractive addition to your kitchen's island, but it is also an ideal surface for baking and food preparation.

You can also decorate your farmhouse kitchen with wood accessories. A serving tray made out of reclaimed wood makes a nice accent for your island or kitchen table. Add a mason jar full of flowers, a set of teacups, and a decorative spoon to the tray.

Set a vintage sideboard on an empty wall of your kitchen or breakfast room and place an old barn door on top. Hang a wreath on the barn door to add some color to the space.

An antique wood ladder is a unique addition to your farmhouse kitchen, as well. Place it in a corner and arrange framed photos and cookbooks on the ladder steps.

Apron Front Sink

With all the different sinks on the market, choosing one can be challenging. However, your farmhouse kitchen should include an apron front sink. Also known as a farmhouse sink, the apron front sink can be purchased in a variety of materials. Copper, cast iron, and enameled porcelain are classic options that were popular in older farmhouses, but you can install a more modern stainless steel version.

An apron front sink may be more expensive, but it will be a smart investment for your farmhouse kitchen. Stainless steel apron sinks may cost more than $400, but its appeal will never go out of style.  

The farmhouse style is appealing for many homeowners, but its rustic and comfortable feel stands the test of time. Using these must-haves, you can create the farmhouse kitchen of your dreams.

For more information, contact an interior design firm in your area.