Thinking Of Purchasing An Artistic Chandelier? Learn The Benefits Of Selecting One That Uses Frosted Glass

An artistic chandelier can make a statement in your space. You are hanging a distinctive chandelier that features color, design, texture and/or pattern. Artistic chandeliers can be made from a variety of materials including iron, steel, glass, crystal or wood. One material that can create a soft, romantic feel in a space is frosted glass. Learning the benefits associated with a frosted glass chandelier will help you decide if it is right for your space.

Frosted Glass Limits Light

One of the biggest benefits to a frosted glass chandelier is that frosted glass limits the amount of light that shines through the glass. This means that the light emitted gives off a soft, white glow, rather than a bright, white light. This makes this type of light fixture perfect for use in places where you want to limit light, such as in the bedroom or nurseries. It also helps create a romantic feel, making it the perfect fixture for weddings and reception halls.

Frosted Glass Provides Some Privacy

Another benefit to a frosted glass artistic chandelier is that the frosted glass offers some privacy for your light bulbs. This means that it helps to disguise and hide the light bulb. When you have transparent glass, anyone can see the bulb inside. This may be appealing when you are using an artistic bulb, such as an Edison bulb. However, if you are using regular light bulbs, the bulbs themselves may detract from the beauty, charm and design of the chandelier. The frosted glass allows you to control what is seen and hide everything else.

Frosted Glass Disguises Dust

The last benefit to a frosted glass artistic chandelier is that frosted glass can help disguise and hide dust. You will see every fingerprint and particle of dust on clear glass. There is no texture or color that will help disguise these items. This may mean that you have to clean your fixture more frequently to keep it looking clean and pristine. If you don't have time for that, frosted glass may be the better option for you. Frosted glass has a texture and pattern to it. This can help to hide dust and conceal fingerprints. This is perfect for those that live busy lives.

The material your artistic chandelier is made from can set the tone for the entire space. Learning the benefits of different materials will help you zero in on the material that is ideal for your home. If you are considering a glass chandelier, you may want to think about a frosted glass. Frosted glass limits light, disguises light bulbs and hides dust.